demo available on PC for the Steam Next Fest

Kalypso Media and Frima Studio have made available a PC demo of Disciples Liberation on the occasion of the Steam Next Fest, a great move to allow the public to try the game firsthand before the launch scheduled for 21 October.

The demo lasts about eight hours and includes two playable provinces without any limits: in the Plains of Widows players will clash with the Empire (Humans) while in the province of Greyleaf the battle will be against the Undead Hordes. In the demo version you can unlock spells, companions, buildings and units, plus there will be a special romantic encounter with the undead werewolf.

Disciples Liberation marks a new beginning for the franchise, the developers promise a single player campaign lasting over eighty hours divided into three acts with over 270 missions and five endings. You can download the Disciples Liberation demo from Steam until October 7, the end date of the Steam Next Fest, the upcoming game festival with hundreds of new demos available for download.

To find out more about the game, we refer you to our preview of Disciples Liberation, we had the opportunity to try the new Disciples last summer, waiting for the review read our first hot opinion on this intriguing project.