Destiny 2 Queen of Whispers on Xbox Game Pass? Bungie’s answer leaves no doubt

After witnessing the reveal of Destiny 2 The Queen of Whispers, many Xbox Game Pass subscribers have wondered whether or not the next expansion of the blockbuster FPS will be available “for free” in the Microsoft service. Aware of these doubts, the Bungie guys have provided an important clarification.

In the special published on the pages of the “institutional blog” of, in fact, the US company that gave birth to the Halo series has not limited itself to summarizing the surprises revealed during the last digital event but has pushed to provide details on the arrival or not of The Queen of Whispers as a “bonus” for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

In a specific passage of the in-depth analysis made by the curators of the official Bungie site, the developers of Destiny 2 have clearly specified that “no, The Queen of Whisperers will not be available within Xbox Game Pass”.

Consequently, the clarification of Bungie does not really leave room for doubt: at present, there is no agreement signed with Microsoft that provides for the entry of The Queen of Whispers among the contents available for free by subscribers to the Game Pass on platforms Xbox, unlike what happened with the previous phase of the sci-fi shooter which was characterized by the launch of Destiny 2 Beyond the Light on Xbox Game Pass.