Destiny 2 The Queen of Whispers, update 3.3.0 arrives today: all the details

After the release of the first trailer for Destiny 2: Queen of Whispers, it is now time for the Guardians to prepare for new challenges.

In fact, Bungie will introduce the new content today, Tuesday 24 August, through the publication of patch 3.3.0. To allow the correct implementation of the update, the software house will disable the Destiny 2 servers for several hours: below, you will find the entire roadmap that will lead to the activation of the new season of the title.

  • Destiny 2 maintenance will begin at 5:00 pm;
  • From 5:45 pm, Destiny 2 servers will be disabled and players will not be able to access the Bungie title;
  • At 19:00, Update 3.3.0 will become available in all regions and on all platforms. In this phase, the players will be able to have access to the game again, but it is possible that queues or slowdowns are created during the log-in phase;
  • At 21:00 all the maintenance procedures of Destiny 2 should be concluded, with a consequent return to normality of the title. To resolve any problems in downloading update 3.3.0 on consoles, players will have to restart the hardware and proceed with manual update;

We remind you that the curtain will soon rise on the new season created by Bungie: for all the details, we invite you to follow the reveal of Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers live on the Everyeye Twitch Channel. The editorial team will be live starting at 18:00!