details on secondary characters and their voice actors revealed

As you may have noticed by now, during the PlayStation Showcase a new trailer of the story of Forspoken, the long-awaited Square Enix project, was shown. A few minutes after the presentation, new information on secondary characters and more has emerged online.

The official PlayStation Blog has welcomed an in-depth post on the characters that we will be able to know during the adventure, providing us with some details on their personalities and, more importantly, on the actors who will lend them their voices.

Here’s everything we know about Forspoken’s characters:

  • Frey (Ella Balinska): this is the protagonist, a 21-year-old resident of New York with a particularly complex life who magically finds herself in Athia
  • Cuff (Jonathan Cake): The protagonist’s faithful helper, Cuff is a sentient magical bracelet
  • Tanta Sila (Janina Gavankar): Once Athia’s protector, this deadly fighter is now a dictatorial despot who will give Frey a hard time
  • Johedy (Keala Settle): this archivist is one of the many figures who help Frey on his journey to the lands of Athia
  • Auden (Monica Barbaro): another secondary character who is described as a kind girl and always willing to help others, including the protagonist

It also seems that Bear McCreary, the composer who also worked on God of War in 2018 and The Walking Dead, composed the music for the last trailer shown.