developers can now request console dev kits

While waiting for the first retail units to arrive on the market in December, Valve announced that from now on it is possible for developers to request their own Steam Deck dev kit, the new ambitious hybrid gaming machine designed by the company. Gabe Newell.

The request from the developers provides for a procedure through which it will finally be possible to get your hands on the console dev kit. First, you’ll need to be registered with Valve’s Steamworks Partner Program, the API that allows developers to implement Steam features, such as achievements or microtransactions, in their games. Otherwise, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork, and also pay a $ 100 commission to Valve and share your banking information. The dev kits distributed to interested parties will be identical to the consoles that will arrive on the shelves in the coming months, except for some small differences from an aesthetic point of view.

Valve reiterated that it places great faith in the potential of its new portable console, and that it is already thinking about a potential Steam Deck 2 to be launched in future years. In a recent interview, the company’s designers also talked about the hardware specifications, delving into topics such as 4K resolution and desktop mode.