DICE publishes a screenshot of the Xbox One version, here’s what it looks like

How does Battlefield 2042 play on legacy consoles like PS4 and Xbox One? We don’t know (yet) but DICE wanted to give a positive signal in this regard by publishing a screenshot of the game taken from the Xbox One version.

Clearly it is difficult to evaluate the graphic quality from a single screenshot, DICE has always shown Battlefield 2042 in action on PCs and consoles of the current generation, compared to these last platforms we certainly notice a lower level of detail and a lower resolution, but it is not It is possible to go beyond these judgments, having not had the opportunity to see the game in motion on old-gen hardware.

It must be said that doubts will be resolved very soon since today the Beta of Battlefield 2042 starts on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. On 6 and 7 October the Beta will be open to EA Play subscribers while on 8 and 9 October it will become public and open to everyone, just download the client on your console (or PC) and start playing, without the need for codes or invitations. .

The new EA and DICE game is expected for November 19, 2021, recently there was talk of a postponement of Battlefield 2042 to 2022 but the insider Tom Henderson has denied this hypothesis.