Did a donut commercial reveal when it comes out on PC and Xbox?

Halo Infinite represents the great return of the iconic Xbox series, and many Microsoft fans are waiting for the announcement of the launch date of the new Sci-Fi shooter from 343 Industries.

We know that the title is in the pipeline on Windows PC and Xbox consoles by the Christmas season this year, but the software house has not yet communicated a more precise date. However, an official post from Xbox Mexico may have anticipated the month in which Master Chief will make his triumphant return.

As you can see below, an ad was posted online on the occasion of the close collaboration between Microsoft and Krispy Kreme Mexico to create Halo-themed donuts. Here is what we can read in the caption of the post: “Why wait for November if we can start the celebrations now? Xbox and Krispy Kreme celebrate 20 years of the Master Chief with a special edition donut of Halo Infinite. Available from July 30”.

Of course, it could be a simple reference to the 20th anniversary of the series, since Halo Combat Evolved made its debut on the Xbox just in November 2001. The post, however, did not fail to arouse some suspicion among players, and some believe Halo Infinite will hit the market in the same month as the franchise’s progenitor.

Meanwhile, interested parties will already be able to take part in the Beta Technical which will start on July 29th. Further insights are expected tonight on the content that will be accessible during this preview.