director Neill Blomkamp is developing an AAA shooter

The media hype aroused by the disturbing poster of the Demonic movie was not enough, Neill Blomkamp surprises his fans by announcing that he is working on a video game: the director of District 9 and Elysium is in fact collaborating with Gunzilla Games to develop a multiplayer shooter ad high budget.

The South African director and screenwriter explains to that he has taken on the position of Chief Visionary Officer of Gunzilla Games, an independent software house that draws heavily on a large pool of talent from Crytek, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and most established studios in the Hollywood film industry.

Describing his commitment to this triple-A multiplayer shooter, Blomkamp states that “the main difference from the direction of a film is that you don’t have to act as the creative hub, but you have to negotiate decisions with your team in an egalitarian manner. I can provide a very personal and ‘definitive’ point of view, but it doesn’t work if it is not received by both sides. Also because my ideas have to integrate into the gameplay architecture and make sure that they are beneficial for the whole gaming experience “.

During the interview, the director of Demonic and the acclaimed District 9 stressed that his collaboration with Gunzilla will be a long-term commitment and not a simple “appearance”: Blomkamp’s creative contribution to the project will therefore be a factor. crucial to the development of what, according to the South African director himself, will be an AAA multiplayer shooter that aims to weave a cinematic gameplay experience with a particularly deep and layered story.