discontent over the transfer of bailouts

The next-gen upgrade of A Plague Tale Innocence for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S is finally available: players who had already purchased the game on the old consoles can now undertake (for free) the journey of Amicia and Hugo also on the new ones, enjoying in a 4K resolution and 60fps.

However, there is some discontent within the PlayStation community for the PS4 and PS5 save transfer system, much less immediate and easy than that offered by the Xbox platforms.

Xbox One to Xbox Series X | S cross-progression is automatic. Redmond players need to do practically nothing after downloading the update to their next-gen console – saves are automatically restored and the game picks up where it left off. On PlayStation it is more complicated: players are required to download a new patch for the PS4 version of A Plague Innocence and launch the game to allow the save games to be uploaded to the cloud before they can install and play the PS5 edition from where they had left the game. In other words, players who had deleted the PlayStation 4 version of A Plague Tale Innocence from their storage disk are forced to re-download and update it to be able to import their saves to PS5.

While we’re at it, remember that the PlayStation 5 version of A Plague Tale Innocence is one of July’s free PlayStation Plus games, available today.

If you’ve played #APlagueTale: Innocence and are about to dive back into your save on next-gen:

– PS4 to PS5: make sure to download the latest patch on PS4 before starting on PS5 to get your cloud save.
– Xbox One to Xbox Series: automatic cross-progression.

– A Plague Tale (@APlagueTale) July 5, 2021

I wish Sony had done cloud saves properly in the first place. The migration from PS4 games to PS5 is still messy, including a hard to navigate store, a long copying process for updates, and the game save issues. On Xbox you don’t need a manual, you just launch the game https://t.co/PXv14ADUzR

– Tom Warren (@tomwarren) July 6, 2021

They can get the update but not their save without re-downloading the PS4 version of the game to the latest version, recovering their game saves, the installing the PS5 version to move the saves.

– The Ginna (@TheGinnaGaming) July 5, 2021

Can’t you just download the PS4 game to your PS5, open it, update it, upload your save, delete the PS4 game version, download the PS5 game, open… ..ahhhh fck it.

– Geordie Spartan Gaming 🍥 (@ Iain_117) July 5, 2021