discovered a surprising detail of the home screen

A few months ago, PS1 turned 26 and the community, as a tribute to the legendary Sony console, shared their memories on social media. Modder Scuttlepunk preferred to try his hand at “videogame reverse engineering” experiments to discover, in doing so, an unprecedented detail of the start screen.

Using the most advanced development tools and the latest techniques adopted by amateur programmers to study the console hardware that marked Sony’s entry into the digital entertainment industry, the modder performed the PlayStation 1 boot sequence and noticed a detail that all players missed.

In fact, according to what Scuttlepunk discovered, the entire startup sequence is rendered in three dimensions. Contrary to what fans have assumed for years, the console boot screen is not a static sequence at all but a real 3D scene, complete with a polygonal model for the PlayStation logo. The programmer Lilith has come to the same conclusion and, in the explanatory video shared on social networks, shows the arrangement of the elements that make up the 3D model of the PlayStation logo.

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