discovered an exploit that renders immortal

Just a few days ago we told you about Amazon Games’ choice to take action against New World players who use bots to ruin the experience of other users and alter the economy. However, it seems that this is not the only problem with the MMO.

We refer to a particular exploit discovered by some players that can be repeated very easily and thanks to which one becomes immortal. Being a game heavily based on the PvP component and in which wars are fought involving large groups of players, it is clear that the influence of such an issue could be more serious than expected. Fortunately, the development team has confirmed that they are aware of the problem and will soon publish a fix to prevent users of the MMO from activating it and thus becoming immortal. It is not clear if the crafty ones who are taking advantage of the problem will suffer a temporary ban or will get away with it, but it is likely that Amazon Games decides to turn a blind eye, limiting itself to the publication of a resolutive patch. In any case, those who abuse the problem could attract the attention of the mods and suffer their fury.

Pending the arrival of the update, we remind you that a New World player has cheated his guild and is now very rich.