discovered an incredibly strong weapon accessory

Only a few days have passed since the launch of Call of Duty Vanguard and it seems that the community has already identified a weapon accessory that, if mounted, allows for incredible results.

We refer specifically to the gadget that takes the name of Vitale, which can be applied to most of the guns available in Call of Duty Vanguard, provided of course that you have first unlocked it by reaching a certain experience level of the weapon. But why is this accessory so strong? The answer is very simple: when a weapon mounts Vitale, in fact, the hitbox that allows you to inflict a critical hit (therefore the head) increases in size, thus allowing players to eliminate opponents with relative ease by shooting towards the top of the bust. If you are in possession of the game, know that Vitale is obtained at level 50 of each weapon and that you had better use it as soon as possible. The incredible effectiveness of this item may soon prompt the development team to make it less useful by publishing a patch.

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