discovering the FPS of the authors of Chernobylite

Disappeared from the radar for a long time, in recent times World War 3, a shooter developed by The Farm 51, a team already author of Chernobylite, has returned to show itself. The new trailer is giving us hope for the quality of the production: let’s find out together!

Our initial uncertainties were mostly due to a very troubled crowdfunding campaign, which profoundly marked its development. Announced in the now distant 2018 and presented with a first gameplay during the Gamescom of the same year, in a short time the first person shooter was published in early access on Steam, offering first buyers an experience marred by numerous problems on the front. graphics and poor server management.

With the latest trailer, which finally broke an overly suspicious silence, The Farm 51 has made it known that it has reached the advanced stage of development and is ready to redeem the value of production, which offers a combination of realism and fast-paced fun by drawing on to the playful canon of Battlefield 3 and 4, while not focusing on environmental destructibility. What we have seen, however, is giving us hope: we explain why in the Video Preview attached at the top of this news and in the preview of World War 3 that you find among our pages.