discovering the retrofuturistic FPS in western sauce

Paradark Studio’s independent developers present ExeKiller, a retrofuturistic shooter adventure immersed in a post-apocalyptic world that harks back to the most iconic western and cyberpunk works.

Set in the New York ruins of a 1998 parallel to ours, ExeKiller narrates the deeds of a bounty hunter in charge of collecting the SOULS, biochips that contain precious information and that are produced by the mega-corporations that govern the New Earth.

During the adventure we will have the opportunity to explore the settlements that bead the immense desert of sand and ashes generated twenty years earlier by the Great Fire Disaster, a global fire that caused mass extinctions and the almost total annihilation of civilization. Human.

The ExeKiller that can be interpreted by the players will be able to choose the sizes to follow in complete autonomy, thus determining their own destiny and that of the people who will have the misfortune to meet his icy gaze. Traveling through the different desert regions using the highways of the old civilization now destroyed, the protagonist will be able to entrust his destiny to the quick reflexes in the shootings or to leverage his dialectical skills to persuade those who listen to him not to contradict him.

According to the developers of Paradark, there will also be a generous injection of role-playing content between skills to be acquired, weapons to be upgraded and narrative crossroads to take by plunging headlong into a radioactive hell characterized by a day / night cycle and a dynamic weather. The title is currently in development on PC but without an indicative launch window.