Does Battlefield 2042 perform poorly on PC? Crashes, performance drops and more reported

Although the official launch is scheduled for November 19, Battlefield 2042 – like all other Electronic Arts games – has already been granted Early Access to all EA Play and Xbox Game Pess Ultimate subscribers. The news that is reaching us is not entirely positive, in any case.

Not only on Xbox Series X, where Battlefield 2042 often crashes, the game is giving several problems also on PC, at least according to the reports available on the Steam community, on social networks and around the network. In addition to complaints about some absent functions (voice chat is missing and the score table), there are also frequent episodes of crashes and unstable performance, even on high-end video cards such as the NVIDIA RTX 3080 and 3090. In addition to all there would also be numerous bugs, as highlighted by the Washington Post reviewer, according to which Battlefield 2042 deserved a further postponement.

In any case, a couple of considerations must be made. First of all, PC gamers’ complaints should always be taken with the benefit of the doubt, since there are so many configurations out there and the causes of certain problems may even be independent of the game itself. In addition, DICE has promised to be actively involved in resolving issues, many of which should become a distant memory already at launch with the day-one patch. In other words, let’s see: the game is still in early access, we will make more precise considerations from November 19th onwards.

I cant finish a single round of All Out Warfare on PC. Game would crash and I’d restart, just got this for the first time on my last round.

I have a Ryzen 9 3950x, X570 MoBo, 32 GB 3600 Mhz RAM, and a RTX 2060. I just want to grind out my weapons attachments man …

– 🐻⬇️ (@ mrpeabody89) November 13, 2021

Apparently my fear has come true with Battlefield 2042 on PC ..

that shit run HORRIBLE on PC .. if RTX 3090 Graphics cards are struggling hard to run at 70-80 FPS, you already know Mid Tier PCs like mine will have a tough time playing the game.

Console versions got no issues

– Christopher Davis. Variety Streamer (@Raidenphantom) November 12, 2021

Playing # Battlefield2042 early access on PC, and sheesh, it’s in rough shape. Running the game on a 3080, and it still plays terribly. I really hope they iron out performance sooner than later.

– Ali (@AliTweeted_) November 12, 2021

@Battlefield how is battlefield 2042 not optimized for pc, I’m running a 3080 fe and 5800x and with primarily everything low I’m lucky it get 100 fps with big dips And top at 130 in open areas. I can’t imagine someone with an older pc, they mine as well just play on console.

– Ben Pekelder (@ Maddog0414) November 12, 2021