Does Roblox ‘leverage’ young developers? The company responds to the allegations

According to the conclusions reached by the journalists of People Make Games after conducting a report on Roblox, the company that created the blockbuster sandbox would be “exploiting” the young developers who use the creative tools of the title to create mini-games and interactive experiences.

The People Make Games investigation thus accuses Roblox Corporation of deliberately making the monetization system of content created by budding developers who use Roblox to shape their videogame projects difficult. The video published by People Make Games highlights what, according to those who conducted this report, are the practices carried out by the managers of the Roblox platform to encourage content creators to develop games, offering them expectations of success defined as “unreasonably optimistic”.

According to the editors of PMG there would be another problem, no less serious, represented by the minimum ceiling required to transform the Robux virtual currency acquired with the resale and sharing of games created with Roblox tools into real money. The most critical issues highlighted by PMG in the Roblox monetization system concern the subscription requirement to be able to withdraw the Robuxes and the “internal” exchange rate applied by the company to purchase the Robuxes of the content creators (paying $ 350 for 100,000 Robux, that is much less than the approximately 1,000 dollars that can be withdrawn “publicly” with the same amount of Robux).

In an effort to clarify, reporters contacted Roblox Corporation for comment on the PMG video allegations. The response of the representatives of the Roblox company does not enter into the merits of the individual accusations made by content creators who spoke to PMG’s microphones, but specifies that the company, only in the time window of the first six months of 2021, has paid to the developers of the portal of Roblox $ 248.7 million, a figure that exceeds five times that paid to budding designers in the first half of 2019.