Does the Director’s Cut contain a PT easter egg?

Several years have passed since the cancellation of Silent Hills, however Hideo Kojima seems unable to forget about PT and the missed horror game that Konami abruptly ended.

As reported by some users, Death Stranding Director’s Cut, revisited and enriched edition of the peculiar open world signed Kojima Productions, includes a scene that never appeared in the original version of the game (we advise you not to continue reading in case you do not want spoilers on the scene in question).

As you can observe through the player reported at the bottom of the news, while our Sam Porter Bridges is enjoying a moment of pause in his private room, a dismal and deformed figure appears in the shower vaguely resembling a human being who falls prey to spasms. Users could not help but remember the traumatic game sequences of PT starring Lisa, the specter that chased us during the demo and ended our experience in case he managed to capture us. Sam also suffers the attack here, only to wake up from his nightmare. Although there is no actual certainty about it, it seems to be an easter egg with which the Japanese director wanted to remember his peculiar demo.

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