Does the tech test run better on Xbox Series X than on PC?

Over the last few hours, the technical test of Battlefield 2042 has been at the center of attention, which is allowing a small circle of fans to try the next chapter of the EA DICE series firsthand. However, it seems that things are not going as planned and that several versions of the game are suffering from technical problems.

If just a few hours ago we told you about the suspension of the Battlefield 2042 tests on the PlayStation 5 due to a probable critical error of the currently available build, it seems that things are not going the right way even on PC. According to the most recent tweets of insider Tom Henderson, who in recent weeks has shared reliable information on the Electronic Arts title, the PC version of the tech test would have major optimization problems and is even rumored to have the framerate locked at 30. Second the insider, in fact, at the moment the Xbox Series X version enjoys a better technical sector than what can be found on PC.

Obviously this is information to be taken with a grain of salt as it is unofficial, not to mention that the tests currently underway serve to test the game servers and other aspects that do not concern fluidity and, more generally, the graphics sector.

Meanwhile, EA threatens to ban the leakers of the gameplay videos taken from the Battlefield 2042 test.