dramatic cheat situation, users ask for limitations on cross-play

The cheat situation in Verdansk becomes progressively more dramatic, and the discontent of COD Warzone players continues to grow, clamoring for a more decisive intervention by Activision and Raven Software.

A group of players gathered on the reddit forum to ask the Raven developers to limit cross-play to console users only, waiting to find a definitive remedy for the Call of Duty Warzone cheaters. We know well, in fact, how most hackers come from the PC playerbase, where it is easier to activate various software that allow you to take advantage of aimbots, wallhacks and so on.

“Save the community and enable console-only cross-play as a workaround,” said Redditor Sec0nd. “Apparently getting an anti-cheat is difficult, so at least enable some sort of console-only cross-play. Only as a temporary solution. The game is literally unplayable at the moment.”

At the moment, Raven Software has never talked about such a possibility, and there is also fear of a new wave of machine learning-based cheats for consoles that would make even a similar solution useless.

Meanwhile, COD Warzone and Cold War have been updated again with Season 4 Reloaded, whose contents and download weight have been revealed.