Dying Light 2 between horror, action and parkour: the open world to the test

We finally got our hands on a demo of Dying Light 2, the new chapter in Techland’s now iconic open world series that expertly mixes action, parkour and horror to shape an explosive mix of activities to be completed within a world. ever-changing.

Our first contact with Dying Light 2 gives us the image of a project which, even without pretending to rewrite the canons of the genre or to hide its crossgen genesis, appears to be very funny.

Starting from the playful and content offer of the original adventure, Techland has spent its time building an even more stratified game framework, giving everything a familiar and original feeling at the same time.

The kaleidoscopic offer packaged by the Polish authors leverages the curiosity of fans to spur them to explore a world full of secrets, thus giving a wider breath to the storytelling, parkour-based animations and a combat system that dances (not too harmoniously) between shootings and white weapon challenges. Only from February 4th, with the release of the title on PC and console, will we understand if the impressions offered by this test will be reflected on the overall experience.

To learn more about Techland’s latest open world effort and the ambitions that have been accompanying its development for several years now, here you will find our latest special on Dying Light 2 gameplay with all the analyzes, judgments and considerations of Francesco Fossetti.