EA is removing it from the database after shutdown

Following the arrest of Mason Greenwood on charges of rape and assault on the girl, Electronic Arts decides to activate all the procedures for removing the English player from the virtual database of FIFA 22.

The legal vicissitudes that occurred to the (now former) Mancheser United athlete thus cost Greenwood his cancellation from the FIFA 22 digital players database. The action taken by EA is already operational: the latest automatic update of the squads of the teams of FIFA 22, which affected the PC and console versions of the football simulator, have removed Mason Greenwood from the list of United’s members (he is no longer present in the starting team and not even as a reserve) and from the entire database of offline players.

Further action is expected to occur shortly with the complete removal of Mason Greenwood’s Player Cards from FUT Packs and Ultimate Team squads where it is currently available. The speed with which EA is taking action to remove Greenwood from the virtual squad of FIFA 22 players can only lead us to hypothesize further measures to remove the English player from the bailouts of the Career mode and block any possible speculative activity that could occur shortly here. with the exchange of the remaining Ultimate Team Cards that represent him.