EA Motive will improve the dismemberment system

From the columns of SegmentNext, the Creative Director of EA Motive, Roman Compos-Oriola, has provided important clarifications on the new system of dismemberments of Dead Space Remake, describing it as a necessary intervention to evolve the visual experience and elevate its gameplay dynamics.

The exponent of the North American subsidiary of Electronic Arts begins in his speech by recalling how the dismemberments were the main tool to bring down the Necromorphs: also in the Remake of Dead Space, of course, the emulators of Isaac Clarke will be incentivized to focus their attention on the arts of the alien abominations to facilitate their killing or just to mitigate the frenzy of their attacks.

Without going into the merits of the changes that the dismemberment system will undergo, Compos-Oriola explains that EA Motive is committed to making the gameplay dynamics related to the attacks to be brought to the limbs of the Necromorphs more bloody and, in fact, “evolved”. The Creative Director himself, however, provides a small but important clue pointing out how the developers, in the process of reformulating and evolving the gameplay, are not looking only at the original chapter of Dead Space a but at the series as a whole.

In any case, the guys at EA Motive have already made it known that in Dead Space Remake there will be additions to the story and targeted cuts for those elements that “would no longer work” in today’s playful context such as that offered by PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox. Series X / S.