Elden Ring appears on Steam and PlayStation Store, VR support revealed on PS4 and PS5?

As reported by Gematsu, Elden Ring appeared on Steam and PlayStation Store, FromSoftware’s game is present in their respective stores and can be put on wish lists, however there is a particularity that has struck the most attentive players …

The Steam page does not yet have the system requirements and merely gives the synopsis of the game from FromSoftware: “Arise, Lightless, and let yourself be guided by grace towards the conquest of the Ancestral Ring, whose power will make you lord of the Interregnum. A vast world, where boundless and dangerous wastes intersect seamlessly with subterranean mazes with sumptuous three-dimensional architecture. Explore the unknown and fight deadly threats in a world where survival is a conquest. “

From Steam we learn about the presence of Italian subtitles, but the Elden Ring page on the PlayStation Store is much more interesting, where we talk about online multiplayer support for up to four players and compatibility with PlayStation VR and the AIM Controller. In all likelihood this is an error, the page does not seem to be final yet and at the moment it is only possible to add the game to the wishlist, but not to pre-order it. Elden Ring is expected in January 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.