Electronic Arts unveils its plans after the acquisition of Playdemic

As you well remember, last June Electronic Arts acquired Playdemic, the studio responsible for Golf Clash, for 1.4 million dollars. A few months after the merger, the giant of the videogame industry has unveiled its plans for the software house.

Jeff Karp, who holds the role of vice president of the mobile games area of ‚Äč‚ÄčElectronic Arts, has in fact talked about what will be the advantages of the company in having a team like that of Playdemic among its internal studios.

Here are Karp’s words:

“We have built an excellent team dedicated to mobile in Electronic Arts, within which there are talented developers with a good curriculum as well as some knowledge of technology and the market. By joining this team to the records obtained by Playdemic in creating a Innovative gameplay and a strong, continuously developing product will give you great experiences that will help us become one of the best publishers in the mobile industry. “

“Over the past few months we have worked hard to understand Playdemic’s culture and capabilities, so that we know exactly how to combine them with our talents and bring new gaming experiences to an even wider audience. We are impressed with what Playdemic has made with Golf Clash, both for the community and for ongoing support, the metagame and the economy. We are very happy to be able to learn from them. “

It therefore seems that Electronic Arts does not want to make the Golf Clash studio independent and wants to ensure that there is a close collaboration between the new team and the internal EA dedicated to mobile, so that they can join forces and create new products capable of to attract a large audience. On the other hand, it is not clear whether the company wants to create a new product or whether to base it on one of its great IPs and it is likely that we will have to wait a little longer to find out.