employees want his resignation

Less than two hours ago we were talking to you about a new series of testimonies collected by the Wall Street Journal regarding the case of Activision Blizzard, whose upper echelons have been accused of inappropriate behavior towards employees and inequalities in payments between men and women.

The stories reported in the report signed by Kirsten Grind, Ben Fritz and Sarah E. Needleman also cast a bad light on CEO Bobby Kotick, who allegedly kept silent and covered up the cases of harassment in his company despite being aware of it and would have made himself the protagonist of mistreatment of his employees and assistants.

Kotick’s comment was not long in coming: in a video message addressed to the employees of his company and also reported in full on the official website, the CEO firmly returned all the accusations to the sender, stating: “There is an article published here. ‘today that paints an inaccurate and misleading portrait of our company, my person and my leadership […] Anyone who doubts my belief in being part of the most welcoming and inclusive workplace on the square doesn’t really understand how important it is to me. “

His words infuriated his own employees, who are preparing for a protest march and are clamoring for the resignation of CEO Bobby Kotick. The ABK Workers Alliance group, formed in July and made up of company employees, “has instituted a zero tolerance policy”, announcing that “it will not remain silent until Bobby Kotick is replaced as CEO”.

Bobby Kotick is doubling down. In a video to employees this morning, passed along to me, he attacked the WSJ article and defended Activision. “Anyone who doubts my conviction to be the most welcoming and inclusive workplace doesn’t really appreciate how important this is to me.”

– Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) November 16, 2021

BREAKING: Activision Blizzard employees say they’re launching a walkout today in the wake of the Wall Street Journal article detailing CEO Bobby Kotick’s knowledge of sexual misconduct and harassment at the company. They’re demanding that Kotick be replaced

– Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) November 16, 2021

We have instituted our own Zero Tolerance Policy. We will not be silenced until Bobby Kotick has been replaced as CEO, and continue to hold our original demand for Third-Party review by an employee-chosen source. We are staging a Walkout today. We welcome you to join us.

– ABetterABK 💙 ABK Workers Alliance (@ABetterABK) November 16, 2021