Epic Games Store Exclusive Coming Soon?

At the beginning of the summer, an interesting sighting had opened to the possible landing of Final Fantasy VII Remake on the Epic Games Store. The same report, however, had also identified another title arriving in the digital store: a remake of the first adventure of the writer of the house Remedy Entertainment.

Now that Alan Wake Remastered has appeared in the lists of a Taiwanese retailer, the videogame community did not hesitate to retrieve the details related to the sighting last June. With the retailer fixing the release of the remastered on October 5th – information however not formalized by Remedy Entertainment -, the possibility of a PC port of Final Fantasy VII Remake appears less remote.

During 2020, the long-awaited JRPG had found an exclusive space on PlayStation 4, with Sony having won the title for a period of twelve months. After the latter, however, the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade, an expanded and improved version of the game, quickly came. Debuted on PlayStation 5, the latter has been assigned an exclusivity period of about six months. Once this period is over, could the remake of the Square Enix work reach the PC world, exclusively at the Epic Games Store?

At the moment, of course, there are no certainties about it, but, if confirmed, the news would not be overly surprising. After all, this year Square Enix brought the entire Kingdom Hearts saga to the PC, exclusively for the Epic Games store.