Epic Games wanted to grab Horizon, Days Gone and the other PlayStation exclusives on PC

After talking to you about Google’s ambitious plans to conquer the entire gaming market, here are other very interesting internal information thanks to the diatribe between Epic Games and Apple. A series of documents has highlighted the interest of the creators of Fortnite towards Sony’s first party productions.

According to information leaked thanks to the lawsuit, Epic Games has sent Sony a particularly tempting proposal. The authors of the most popular free to play of the moment wanted to sign a contract with the Japanese giant to bring a variable number of games to the Epic Games Store (we talk about 4/6 in the documents) in exchange for 200 million dollars. Obviously we know how things went and all the Sony PlayStation exclusives that have also landed on PC have made their debut both on the Epic Games Store and on Steam, a sign that this agreement has not been successful.

Also from the documents, a particularly curious detail on the strategy of Epic Games has also emerged. It would seem that the company has also tried to contact Microsoft but that nothing has happened since, according to the creators of Fortnite, what the Redmond giant is doing with the Game Pass on PC is against their philosophy. Among the files is also mentioned the fact that Pghil Spencer occasionally visits Gabe Newell at Valve’s headquarters (information that Phil Spencer’s recent Steam Deck test would prove). Apparently Epic Games would even have thought of contacting Nintendo, but in this case there was not even an attempt by the software house, which defined a possible approach as a “moonshot”, a term that indicates a launch. practically impossible.