Epic Store offers four titles between Mars, zombies and alien adventures

With the latest update to the card on video games to download for free on the Epic Store, the American company makes room for four titles to be redeemed for zero euros on PC, between this and next week.

Let’s start then with the confirmation of the availability, starting from 17:00 today 8 July, of the two free games announced by Epic in recent days, namely Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead and Ironcast.

The first title relies on the by now history of the AMC television series to decline the challenges of the Bridge Constructor series in post-apocalyptic sauce and the activities carried out by those who, using different modular elements, must build a bridge capable of bearing the weight of the expected traffic. No less interesting are the activities to be completed in Ironcast, a turn-based strategy tinged with puzzle elements that projects users into an alternative and steampunk version of the late 19th century.

At the end of the promotion on Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead and Ironcast, on the pages of the Epic Store it will be possible to download two other video games completely free of charge. From the afternoon of Thursday 15 July it will be possible to redeem for zero euros a PC copy of the graphic adventure Obduction, created by the authors of MYST, and a copy of the sci-fi management software Offworld Trading Company, a title that encourages fans of the genre to prepare a expedition to colonize Mars and ensure the prosperity of their settlement.