Everyeye live tonight to follow the event

With the official launch of the Game Developers Conference 2021, the time has come for the transmission of a particularly interesting appointment, signed by The Coalition.

As announced at the beginning of the month, the Gears of War team will take part in the fair with the transmission of a panel dedicated to Unreal Engine 5. During the latter, in particular, the Tech Demo in UE5 will be presented “Alpha Point “, created by the software house on Xbox Series X. With the development team now focused on the development of a next gen nature, the opportunity could bring with it interesting news on the team’s activities front, on which several rumors of corridor.

In fact, there are many observers who report how The Coalition is willing to present to the public a new IP, which would apparently even be destined to take shape before the expected, but not yet announced, Gears of War 6. Alpha Point is actually related to a new title, but seeing the Xbox team struggling with Unreal Engine 5 is certainly interesting.

For this reason, the editorial team is waiting for you on the Everyeye Twitch Channel starting at 22:00 this evening, Tuesday 20 July, to follow the panel of the Microsoft team live. As always, we remind you that to subscribe to the channel, simply click on the appropriate heart-shaped icon, so you can interact directly with the editorial team. Furthermore, we point out that Amazon Prime users can subscribe for free to Everyeye’s Twitch Channel.