exceeded the number of files of GTA V and GTA Online

Update after update, Fortnite Battaglia Reale has welcomed more and more skins, weapons and objects which, although they have not made the game incredibly heavy from the point of view of the space occupied, have significantly increased the amount of files present in the folders of the Epic Games title.

The number of files has grown to the point that, as one of the game’s many dataminers pointed out, it has even surpassed Grand Theft Auto V. If on the one hand we find 342,059 files belonging to both GTA V and its online mode, the battle royale most popular of the moment boasts 483,803. This is a very large number that highlights the large amount of data that is introduced with each free update, not to mention the structures, objects and weapons now removed from the classic experience that can still be used today in the Creative mode.

Waiting to find out if the number will increase further with the arrival of Season 8 next September, we remind you that in the next few hours it will be possible to unlock the J Balvin skin in Fortnite Chapter 2 for free thanks to a competition organized by the developers. Speaking of skins, did you know that many players did not like the Mecha Morty costume in Fortnite?