fan makes a spectacular cover of the PS5 version

Grand Theft Auto VI continues to be shrouded in total mystery, surrounded by a large sequence of rumors that hypothesize a very distant release date and location, with Vice City given for certain by numerous sources.

Given the assumed timing, it could be considered practically sure that the next chapter of the historic Rockstar Games series would see the light on the current generation consoles. For this reason, a fan on Reddit tried to imagine how the cover of the game could be on PlayStation 5, showing a work made with extreme care in every detail, from the logo to the background images, tracing the typical style of the covers of the various GTAs released. from the third chapter of 2001 (US version PS2 in the latter case) onwards.

The cover created by the enthusiast is obviously based on the rumors that ensure the return to Vice City with the next chapter of the series, as evidenced also by the “VI” of the logo, with a beach and palm trees depicted inside. A spectacular cover, albeit unfortunately amateurish, but it is likely that Rockstar will also create a cover on this style for the sixth episode of the main series. You like it?

Meanwhile in recent times it has been speculated that GTA 6 could be the last installment of the series. Regarding the release date, some insiders are certain that GTA 6 will not arrive before 2025, 12 years after the release of Grand Theft Auto V.