fans joke about Thor’s appearance with memes

God of War Ragnarok was finally revealed to the world with the first official trailer that showed us not only narrative sequences, but also gameplay. Santa Monica Studio has already released the artwork of the main characters of the new chapter of the series, expected on PlayStation 5 and PS4.

In particular, the appearance of Thor in God of War Ragnarok caused a lot of discussion, between those who praised his design considered very faithful to the real mythological figure, and those who instead expected a character with different appearances than those imagined by the developers. The huge chatter around Thor and his look kicked off the first series of memes. Between those who highlight his robust physique, those who compare him with his statue glimpsed in the previous chapter, and those who even compare him to Obelix, the character of the comic series Asterix, the villain of the next God of War is now on the lips of all fans. But above all the curiosity to find out what his role will be and how he will interact with Kratos and Atreus during the events of Ragnarok remains great: that clashes between titans are about to arrive?

While you try to imagine what the new chapter will offer, it has already been confirmed that God of War Ragnarok will be a single very long sequence shot, exactly as the predecessor had already been.