Far Cry 6, a teaser video reveals a multiplayer Far Cry? The bizarre sighting!

Waiting to be able to face Giancarlo Esposito’s Anton Castillo in Far Cry 6, a very interesting report arrives linked to a bizarre teaser present in the Ubisoft title.

To report it, it is the content creator JorRaptor, who through the video available at the opening of this news analyzes a detail present in the initial stages of the Yara epic. On the tropical island that is the main setting of Far Cry 6, it seems possible to spot a QR Code on some crates. By scanning the latter via smartphone, players are shown a video that has all the appearance of a teaser.

Shown by the YouTuber, the movie in question has a very short duration, but despite this the information present within it allows us to hypothesize the imminent announcement of a multiplayer – and perhaps battle royale – version of Far Cry. At the center of the scene we find the glimpse of a map that seems to be taken from Far Cry 4, given that the Sky Temple location is among the points of interest. Around the latter, we can observe three icons in the shape of an arrow, presumably players moving in the area. Finally, several tokens placed on the map show the presence of dangerous animals on the scene, as also confirmed by the following sequence, which shows a person armed with a rifle attacked and shot down by a sort of puma. What will this teaser hide?

Waiting to learn more, we report that a further sighting at Ubisoft seems to have unveiled Ghost Recon: Frontline in advance.