fault of the pigeon mask?

Amouranth has become the protagonist of a unique, albeit far from virtuous enterprise: the well-known ASMR streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa was simultaneously banned from Twitch, TikTok and Instagram. The reasons that led to his triple suspension are still unknown, just like the duration of the bans: Amouranth still does not know if and when he will return.

As for Twitch, Amouranth has reached the fifth ban of her career as an ASMR streamer. While waiting for clarification on the reasons and the duration of the suspension, the 27-year-old American gave YouTube some of her thoughts on the matter: “It seems really absurd when I think about it. Instagram and Facebook are hacked, and I get banned. Twitch is hacked, and I’m banned. There seems to be a trend. It’s like there’s a correlation between the two. “

“The companies are in revolt, they set themselves on fire from the inside, yet they still managed to find the time to ban Amouranth from both platforms. This is very important.” Amouranth still hasn’t figured out what actually triggered her ban, although her pigeon mask performance seems to be among the main suspects: “It seems they don’t like my ASMR bird mask. Whatever I have. done lately, I have to find it, but it is now clear that they did not like it. “