FEAR-inspired FPS gameplay trailer

At the Gamescom 2021 Future Games Show we also witnessed the new and lively gameplay trailer of Trepang2, a shooter with a subjective view that is inspired by some milestones of the genre of belonging.

This peculiar FPS seems to be inspired by FEAR, the beloved shooter by Monolith Productions from which Trepang2 inherits every single aspect. In addition to a heavy use of bullet time, the game allows you to eliminate opponents by combining the use of firearms with acrobatic melee moves such as airborne attacks and sliding kicks. Net of a not particularly avant-garde graphics sector, the game also presents a certain level of environmental destruction. Obviously, the horror component is not missing and, as you can see in the final part of the trailer, we will have to face claustrophobic sequences and during which obscure presences may appear. Although there is no release date yet, the video reveals that the title will arrive in the course of 2022 only on Steam and there does not seem to be a console version planned.

Before leaving you to the frenetic Trepang2 trailer, we remind you that among the announcements of this evening we also find the new trailer dedicated to the Serial Cleaners gameplay, which reveals the official launch window.