FIFA 22, DualSense and advanced features on PS5: new details from EA

After confirming the exclusive partnership agreement of Serie A with FIFA 22, the representatives of Electronic Arts look out on the PS Blog to describe the most advanced features accessible on PlayStation 5 thanks to the DualSense controller.

The developers inside EA Sports start by recalling how the DualSense support was already present in FIFA 21, only to then underline their commitment to deepen the integration of the PS5 controller to the gameplay mechanics to be experienced on PS5 with the new iteration. of the football simulator.

In FIFA 22 we will therefore see the addition of tactile feedback which, according to EA, will be able to “replicate the sensation of the ball hitting the net, thus imitating the power of the shot and the sensation of the tension of the meshes of the net. leads to give back to the player emotions that are always different based on the type of goal just scored “. Added to this will be all the tactile feedback effects for tackles, pushes, saves, shots and passes that have already been introduced in FIFA 21, but with the addition of unique vibrations for slides and crosses.

The adaptive triggers of DualSense, on the other hand, will return the effect of the athletes’ Stamine through changes that will occur in real time in the resistance exerted by the triggers, thus emulating the fatigue accumulated by their players.

Both the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of DualSense will work in unison with the PS5’s 3D Audio to further immerse players in the FIFA 22 experience: thanks to 3D audio, the developers promise to make us hear distinctly. ” shouts from teammates, the subtle changes in frequency that occur as you move from shot to shot and, in some leagues, even the iconic thundering drums, deafening horns and whistles from the stands. “

FIFA 22 is scheduled to launch on October 1st on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and in Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch.