Firaxis on ‘deep friendships’ and superhero romance

After officially presenting Marvel’s Midnight Suns at Gamescom 2021, returning from Opening Night Live the guys from Firaxis Games have clarified an important aspect of the narrative plot of this tactical RPG set in the dark side of the Marvel Universe.

To the microphones of, the Creative Director of Firaxis, Jake Solomon, specified that during the adventure no member of his superhero team will be allowed to engage in love affairs with the other members of the group or with any NPCs.

In the course of the interview, Solomon explained that “the basic idea is that if you maximize your friendship with these characters, you are as close to them as anyone else in the Marvel universe. And so yes, no romance is planned. If I could have developed a system to involve Blade in love stories I would have done so already, but they are very well defined characters. “

Even without foreseeing real love stories and more intimate relationships between the different members of the team, in Midnight Suns there will still be room for an “emotional progression” system that will take into account the choices of the players and will determine a rapprochement between the players. belonging to the superhero group. This is confirmed by Solomon himself in reporting that “during the game there will be no romance, but it will be possible to establish friendships that grow deeper and deeper. It will be fun to take these established characters and drag them to the dark side of the Marvel universe. “

Before leaving you to the comments, we remind you that Marvel’s Midnight Suns is expected to launch in March 2022 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.