Fire & Darkness is coming, the Kingdom of Fire will be the largest area in the game

A few days after the launch of the first major update for Godfall, the developers of Counterplay Games are back to talk about the new content that will be introduced with the arrival of Lightbringer and the Fire & Darkness DLC.

From August 10th, in fact, Godfall players will be able to enjoy Lightbringer, the first major update for the game, accompanied by the Fire & Darkness expansion. All at the same time as the launch on the old-gen PlayStation 4 console. In a recent interview with Game Rant colleagues, game director Daniel Nordlander revealed that the new area coming with the DLC, called Kingdom of Fire, will be the largest explorable area of ​​the entire production: players will be able to meet brand new enemies and collect “particular loot”, while admiring the views that make the map recognizable and unique.

With Fire & Darkness and the Kingdom of Fire it will be possible to explore the “obsidian peaks” and “rivers of blue magna” as a new threat comes forward: the expansion is set after the events of the base game and will bring a “threat. devouring “in the lands of Aperion. The developers then stated that they have taken advantage of the feedback received from the community: “we have implemented a series of features requested by the community and we will continue to maintain an open line of communication with our fans”.

While waiting to get your hands on the new content, we remind you that on our pages you can find the review of Godfall.