Fire Emblem, a remake coming to Nintendo Switch? Speak known Insider

E3 2021 has now ended, but there are still many rumors and indiscretions that have not found confirmation on the occasion of the great videogame industry fair.

Recently, the insider Zippo, extremely well-known among fans of the Nintendo world, has brought to the attention of the public the many hypotheses related to an imminent return to the scene of the gorilla symbol of the Great N. According to what is reported by the latter, in fact , a new Donkey Kong game for Nintendo Switch is currently in development, but not only.

The insider has in fact offered further input to the audience of fans of the Kyoto giant, coinciding with the possible debut of a remake of one of the chapters of the Fire Emblem series. After the unprecedented Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the return of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light, Nintendo Switch would therefore be preparing to welcome another strategic adventure. The insider Zippo claims that he is not yet aware of the identity of the game protagonist of the remake process, but guarantees that the development of the remake would now be substantially completed.

At the moment, of course, this is a simple unconfirmed rumor: to find out more, it will be necessary to wait for a possible announcement from the Grande N!