first impressions are positive

Our overseas colleagues have already been able to get their hands on a preview code of the Halo Infinite campaign and have well thought of sharing with all of us a taste of what they are feeling.

The Game Informer editorial team, for example, gave us a glimpse of the first moments of the Halo Infinite campaign. The video, recorded in 4K, shows us just under two minutes of gameplay taken from the first level of the new Master Chief adventure, which all players will be able to experience starting from next December 8th. The vision is clearly not recommended for all those who prefer to avoid spoilers, know in any case that the captured material does not include videos and references to the story, but only pure commented gameplay.

In general, the impressions from the American press are extremely positive. For example, the editors of IGN USA only needed 4 hours of gameplay to see most of their doubts about the success of the project vanish. In addition to the “enjoyable exploration” and “incredibly fun gunplay”, Infinite also offers a characterization of high-quality characters, with a tired and sad Master Chief coupled with an enthusiastic new AI and an anxious pilot. Some moments involving the protagonist and Cortana have been described as “an emotional punch to the stomach”.

Halo Infinite, we recall, will be launched on December 8 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Windows 10 PC, as well as in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Free multiplayer for all players will also debut on the same day. Within weeks of launch, it was also announced that the Halo franchise has sold 81 million copies and grossed $ 6 billion.