Flight Simulator ‘flies high’ on Xbox Series X / S even in the weight of the installation

With the latest update made to the card that allows Game Pass subscribers to preload Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X / S, the Redmond house “indirectly” reveals the weight of the console version of the blockbuster plane already available on PC.

Once logged into the Xbox Series X / S dashboard through your account, owners of the nextgen Microsoft console enrolled in Xbox Game Pass are offered the opportunity to pre-install titles that are about to arrive in the subscription service catalog.

Well, according to the information shared by the updated sheet for the Flight Simulator preload, those who want to sail the skies of the aerial masterpiece curated by the Asobo team and the Publishing division of the Xbox Game Studios will have to download approximately 92.7 GB of data.

As this is a nextgen video game, the console version of Flight Simulator will require the game to be installed on the Xbox Series X / S internal hard drive or to use the official Memory Expansion. It will therefore not be possible to “save” the precious storage space of the Series X and Series S internal SSD by adopting solutions that involve the use of external memories, as is the case for backward compatible titles.

The commitment of the Asobo studios to put Flight Simulator on a PC on a diet (with an overall weight that, over the months, has gone from 170GB to 83GB) still leaves hope for the console version of Microsoft’s simulation experience. Waiting to receive a clarification to this effect from the Redmond house, we remind fans to fasten their seat belts because the console version of Flight Simulator is already taking off and is preparing to take off on Xbox Series X / S from 27 July.