Forspoken and the importance of ‘magical parkour’: the director Terada speaks

During the long showcase broadcast by Square Enix on the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show 2021, the creators of Forspoken, namely the Co-Director Takefumi Terada and the Creative Producer Raio Mitsuno, also intervened. The two have revealed new information on the action RPG that will see Frey as the protagonist, a young woman catapulted into a magical world.

As we have already seen in the trailers for Forspoken, the heroine will be able to use a wide variety of magical powers on her way home. Magic will play a prominent role not only in combat (with explosive attacks, enemy traps, and more), but also in exploration and travel.

Frey, explains Terada, will be able to traverse the game world through what has been called Magic Parkour. “I think it perfectly reflects what makes Luminous Production’s development style so special.” In the cutscenes we see Frey using the magic to quickly whiz from one point to another of the scenarios, covering long distances in the air and making moves very similar to Warframe’s “bullet jumping”. The Co-Director has ensured that the controls are very intuitive and that therefore players will be able to use each of the skills of magical parkour by pressing a single button.

Forspoken, we recall, is expected in the spring of 2022 on PC and exclusively on PS5 consoles. Mitsuno assured that the development is progressing well, and that at the moment the team is busy in the refinement of the graphics sector driven by the Luminous Engine, developed by Luminous Productions and Square Enix. Have you already seen our latest video preview of Forspoken?