Forspoken, Square-Enix opens the Steam page: Italian dubbing absent

Forspoken is the new intriguing action-RPG project developed by Luminous Productions, already authors of the much discussed Final Fantasy XV. Square-Enix has finally opened the Steam page of the game, revealing some new information on the adventure starring Frey, a young girl played by actress Ella Balinska.

With Forspoken, Square-Enix promises to offer players a “beautiful and cruel open world” brought to life by cutting-edge technologies and the inspired scenarios of Athia, a breathtaking land full of wonders but also of menacing alien monsters. There will also be a rich arsenal of customizable spells, appreciated both by lovers of frenetic action and by the most strategic and methodical players. The exploration of the game world will take place through a magical parkour system that will allow you to easily cling to the walls and jump from dizzying heights, thus making the open world pleasant and fluid to explore.

“Forspoken follows the journey of Frey, a young girl from New York who is transported to the land of Athia. As she tries to return home, she will have to use her new magical abilities to traverse vast landscapes and face monstrous creatures.”

The sore point, however, is represented by the absence of dubbing in Italian, which could unfortunately stop some players from buying. This is certainly not new compared to Final Fantasy XV, however it could be a significant problem for some users who do not like to rely on subtitles during their sessions.

Forspoken is expected to launch during the spring of 2022 on PC and PlayStation 5. Writer Gary Whitta has promised big things for the game’s story. For further information, we refer you to our Forspoken Preview.