Fortnite 18.20, news for Save the World and Creative: Hexslyvania and Laboratory

Rather rich, the latest update of Epic Games’ free to play has introduced several new features for Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, but has also enriched the rest of the experience offered by the game.

In particular, the Save the World mode is ready to celebrate the Season of Hexilvania, available until November 16. Players can now count on a new dungeon: the Laboratory. Blub-infested underground shelter, the latter is literally full of traps, Abietti and eerie incubation chambers. By completing the new dungeon, players will be able to unlock a new banner and a new soldier hero. Concluding the mission at maximum difficulty, you can also unlock a new Spray.

There is no shortage of new skins and weapons, including The Agent of Chaos, Sunset and the Phantom Gun, capable of firing ghostly bullets that pass through walls and enemies. The special series of Terre Taglienti assignments will also allow you to put your hand to the special Corvo skin, available until 2:00 am on October 17th.

As for the Creative mode of Fortnite, we report the introduction of the new Character devices, a mannequin useful for modeling NPCs to be placed on your island, Signal Remote, which connects the Command objects to a maximum of two transmitters, and Switch.

We also remember that with the last update the rules for refunds in Fortnite have changed.