free bonus in September for a PS4 and PS5 game

While Sony announces the September free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers, scheduled for this afternoon, a new free DLC for a popular free to play has appeared in the section dedicated to the exclusive additional content of the service.

We’re referring to the brand new Rocket League PlayStation Plus Pack, which was released by Sony and Psyonix over the course of last night. The bundle can be redeemed at no additional cost by all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players who have an active subscription to the PS Plus service. By redeeming the item and adding it to your library you can start free to play and access four new items for unique customization, namely GE Reaper wheels, GE Magmus turbo, GE Safety Helmet topper, and GE Slime Stickers.

Here is the download link for the free bundle:

It is very likely that, thanks to the presence of cross-save, anyone who has activated this feature will be able to redeem the free items on the PlayStation consoles and then use them on the other platforms supported by the game, just like it happens with the exclusive items of Fortnite Chapter 2.