free emblem, Substitute of Heroes and a fundraiser

Yesterday, the seventh day of the seventh month, Bungie Day took place, an event created many years ago by fans of the American studio and which is still celebrated today. The festivities will continue for many days, and of course will involve Destiny 2.

To begin with, last Tuesday’s mid-season update kicked off the free Solstice of Heroes event: Eva Levante awaits you at the Tower with words of gratitude and celebration, while in the new Islands in the Sky activity you are called join the high-flying teams in the skies of the European Ethereal Zone for glory and treasure. With the Refraction mechanic it is possible to change the element of attacks to match the daily one, obtaining a unique elemental benefit among the four existing. During PRISM Day, all four elemental boosts will be available, but can be activated one at a time.

To celebrate Bungie Day, the Spicy Ramen Emblem is offered free to all players: to redeem it, you need to log into your account from the web or app, go to the code redemption page and enter the following code: YRC -C3D-YNC.

The Bungie Foundation has also launched a charity initiative with the aim of “improving the health and well-being of children, empowering all people and communities to have their say and assert their rights and provide humanitarian aid. in times of crisis “. The goal is to raise $ 777,000 by July 20. If you want, you can join by going to this address, there are also incentives for donations made:

  • $ 10 or more: 2020 “Bungie Foundation” emblem;
  • $ 25 or more: the aforementioned emblem, plus the NEW “Circadian Guard” emblem;
  • $ 50 or more: the two emblems above, plus the NEW Exotic Ghost Shell “Floating Shell”;
  • $ 75 or more: the two emblems and the Specter mentioned above, plus the NEW Exotic “Little Tank” emote.

Bungie also took the opportunity to anticipate that on August 24, 2021 it will reveal to the world The Queen of Whispers, the next big expansion of Destiny 2, whose release is expected in 2022.