free shooter guide and tricks

A few days ago, Season 0 of Splitgate was kicked off, the peculiar first person shooter still in Beta and which can be played by anyone on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. If you are about to dive into the frenetic game of bullets and portals, here are some tips that might be for you.

Use the portals

It might seem like a foregone conclusion, but those coming from the most classic shooters may find it difficult to exploit the mechanics of the portals or even forget their existence during matches. Our suggestion is to force yourself in the first hours to use this mechanic and to experiment to understand its potential: you will immediately realize how much the exploitation of the portals allows you to do many more kills by catching the enemy by surprise or to run away by losing all traces. of your passage.

Try all the weapons

There is only one version of each gun in Splitgate, and as a result, the various guns are very different from each other. In the classic modes you always start playing with an assault rifle and a carbine supplied, but around the map other weapons appear at regular intervals of time such as the lethal shotgun, able to eliminate an opponent with a single shot. Try to use all the weapons to understand which are the ones with which you eliminate the enemies more easily and, above all, which of the two initials is more suitable for you: the rifle is in fact better for the more precise players since it is single-shot, instead the assault rifle could favor those who struggle to hit the target accurately or find themselves fighting at short range.

Don’t miss the daily access

By logging into the servers every day you can get a small reward and, every week, a bonus of 100 Splitcoins. This means that by never losing the login bonus it is possible, with a little patience, to buy the premium version of the Season 0 pass without spending a single cent, which should still last a long time. Then, by playing at least one game a day, you get a significant XP boost, so as to more easily climb the experience levels.

Complete the challenges

Those who do not intend to purchase the season pass or the skins on sale in the shop should not be satisfied with only the “standard” skins, since in the game you can unlock the loot boxes containing costumes, camouflage for weapons and other cosmetic elements for free. The easiest way to accumulate these capsules is by completing the three daily missions, thanks to which you can open a container every day. The same goes for the weekly missions, the completion of which unlocks two loot boxes. If, on the other hand, you want to show off unique camouflages for weapons, take a look at the challenges of the individual guns, the completion of which allows you to unlock extra and, above all, free customizations.