Free Shooter Guide on PS Plus

It has become a tradition for Sony to give every summer to all PlayStation Plus subscribers one of the old episodes of call of Duty. After receiving World War II in 2020, this time it is the turn of Black Ops 4, the last chapter of the Activision series before the revolution started by Modern Warfare, the game that not only revived the brand but also changed the type of support thanks to the free DLC and the arrival of Warzone. If moved by the curiosity to try the multiplayer sector, the Zombie mode or the battle royale you are about to download the free game of the month with the Sony service, here are some tips that could be useful.

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Learn to use specialists

To distinguish Call of Duty Black Ops 4 from most of the other chapters of the series is the presence of a series of elements typical of hero shooters. IN BO4, in fact, there are numerous operators equipped with a unique skill sets which can be activated during the games more or less frequently according to the player’s ability. In the case of Nomadfor example, you can place a mine mesh or deploy aK9 unit, a very angry dog ​​who can give a hard time to all the opponents he comes across.

If you are a beginner and do not want to learn how to use the specialists directly in the field, we suggest you complete the missions of the HQ Specialists: it is a series of missions set in the multiplayer maps against bots that replace the classic single player campaign and allow you to quickly learn all the skills of the initial characters (unfortunately the specialists introduced post-launch do not have offline missions) .


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was the first to propose a battle royale mode, which takes the name of Blackout and has numerous differences compared to the more well-known Warzone. First of all, there is no default equipment and all players, regardless of the mode selected, land on the map unarmed: for this reason it is of fundamental importance to go in search of a gun to counter opponents and avoid hitting them with punches.

Another important difference consists in the total absence of a system through which you can use your own custom loadout and the only way to activate perk is to collect around the map of the manuals which, if consumed, temporarily enable the effect of the specialties. If, on the other hand, you want to go in search of high-level loot and take some risks, you can head towards the blue light beam: in these places clearly visible on the map there are several undead but it is also possible to find weapons and armor at will.

Manage your class slots well

Those who intend to throw themselves into the fray immediately with the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will have to immediately deal with a completely different loadout creation system compared to that of Cold War. In this case, in fact, each custom class has a limited number of slots which can be freely managed by the player, who can occupy them with weapons, accessories, perks and gadgets.

This means that, for example, you could sacrifice your secondary weapon to add an extra accessory to your primary weapon, or eliminate a scope to activate an additional specialty. In short, you can manage the classes as you see fit and eliminate any equipment that you usually don’t use during a game.

Try the Zombies mode

If you loved Black Ops Cold War Zombies you absolutely cannot miss the Zombies mode of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. It is also in this case an old school version of the mode, which differs from what was seen in the last episode for a long series of reasons among which we find the presence of easter egg very complex to activate but at the same time able to give great satisfaction to the players. The classes themselves are profoundly different from what we are now used to seeing in Cold War, since each character not only features cosmetic changes but also unique abilities similar to those of the specialists. In addition, the class creation system allows you to select four different perks among those available, so that the player can activate them by spending the points accumulated at the altars that replace the more classic drink dispensers.

Also not to be underestimated is the presence of Elixir, consumables that can be purchased through microtransactions or with the currency accumulated by playing and that allow you to obtain temporary bonuses whose effectiveness is directly proportional to the rarity of the drink. If you want to be sure that you fully understand all the mechanics that govern this component of the game, we suggest you complete the tutorial right away, which also allows you to unlock a trophy without particular effort. Finally, it should be noted that the DLC of the Zombies mode are paid and with the free copy for PS Plus subscribers it is possible to play only the maps IX, Unexpected Journey is Blood of the Dead.

Take advantage of the daily level jump

In addition to the progression system of the individual components of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (there is no unified level like in the last two chapters), the game includes some sort of Season Pass Accessible through the Black Market Contraband entry. Any in-game activity allows you to gain experience and unlock the cosmetic items of the pass, but the quickest way to get them all is to take advantage of the daily level jump.

For those who do not know what we are talking about, it is a mechanic through which players can climb a level of the pass simply winning a match in classic multiplayer, earning a merit in the battle royale or making it to at least round 15 in a classic game of Zombies mode. This system can only be used once a day and can be particularly useful for making the unlocking of the various rewards much faster. Among the three methods available to the player, the fastest one is perhaps linked to Blackout, since it is enough to perform at least one kill to get a merit and take home the token for the daily jump.

Accumulate the Chests

While they weren’t available at the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, over time the coffers of the Black Market, that is, loot boxes that can contain skins for specialists, designs for weapons or unique graphic effects that are activated when an opponent is eliminated. Fortunately, these loot boxes are not only obtained by using a credit card, but can also be accumulated by completing the Special Contracts in the various game modes.

At the first start of the shooter you could make a visit to the Reserves section of the Black Market and see if the game has already assigned you some briefcase to open, but know that by accumulating these resources it is also possible to make purchases in the store and avoid spending the Points COD. In this regard, pay close attention to the main game currency, since the coins displayed at the top right are the same for all the episodes of the series and for a trivial mistake in the shop you could burn all the COD Points accumulated hard with the Season Passes. by Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.