from Jurassic World to the Mushroom Kingdom!

During Nintendo Direct in September, the Kyoto giant announced the cast of voice actors for the new animated film dedicated to Super Mario. Between the participation of Black Jack and beyond, the list includes a large number of surprises.

Among the latter, the choice of making Chris Pratt the interpreter of the videogame icon stands out, with the famous Hollywood actor ready to take on the role of the Italian plumber. At the thought of the Starlord of the Marvel Cinematic Universe destined to become Super Mario, the imagination of gamers and fans is unleashed, giving shape to funny comments and fan art.

Among those who wanted to express their enthusiasm for the announcement of Nintendo Direct in September, we also find BossLogic, the well-known artist who contributed to the spectacular reveal of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Inspired by the imagery of Jurassic World, a film starring Chris Pratt, the illustrator painted a nice creation. The researcher Owen Grady, as easily imaginable, is transformed here into Super Mario, while there is no peace even for his faithful velociraptor, reconverted into a rather ferocious version of the tender Yoshi!

The BossLogic creation, shared by the artist on his Twitter account, is available directly at the bottom of this news: what do you think of the final result?