FromSoftware working on Claymore, Miyazaki’s new IP? It is all false

FromSoftware is working on Elden Ring and presumably on other projects not yet known but among these does not include Claymore, the original videogame adaptation of the homonymous manga series by Norihiro Yagi.

The rumor spread over the weekend first on 4Chan (and here the first doubts arise) and then on Reddit and ResetERA before being denied and branded as fake, complete with provisional artwork taken from an ArtStation profile not linked in any way to FromSoftware .

The source talks about a game similar to Sekiro Shadows Die Twice with a female protagonist and a linear narrative, the presence of an original story written by Hidetaka Miyazaki (which the source calls Myiazaki, however) without connections with that of the soul or of the manga.

The game would be scheduled for 2024 or 2025 and will go into production after the publication of Elden Ring, the publisher also in this case would be Bandai Namco. As mentioned, however, it is a fake and FromSoftware is not working on the Claymore adaptation, a rather free adaptation according to the source. The rumor circulated on international forums and boards before being labeled as fake with various insiders who confirmed that Claymore is absolutely not part of the Japanese studio’s projects.